Stable Attendant

Provide horses with food and clean living spaces.

What does a Stable Attendant do?

People who leave their horses in the protection of farms or stables depend on Stable Attendants to care for their mare or steed with as much compassion as if it were their own. Owners can’t spend all day grooming and feeding, so they trust a Stable Attendant to take their place.

Horses are large, majestic animals that need a lot of daily attention, not to mention a whole lot of hay. Keeping them fed and watered is almost a job in itself, that and cleaning up what comes out the other end. Stables are constantly in a manure-covered state, but if you’re a well-organized Stable Attendant, you can keep the mess at bay.

One thing’s for sure: You won’t come home from work smelling like a rose. Hours of cleaning the stables and shoveling muck is a surefire way to get your hands dirty, but it’s a welcome price to pay if it means you get to work all day with the animals you love.

The health of the horses you watch over is something you keep a constant eye on. From replacing horseshoes to watching for illnesses to mending minor injuries, the equine under your supervision is kept as fit as a fiddle. All that’s left is saddling your mount up and taking it out for a nice ride to keep it exercised. You may even be allowed to work on training a particular horse to jump, or preparing a purebred for a show.

Attending to the horses who live in your stables is a great way to be around the soothing animals without any of the financial burden of owning one. The gentle giants are your constant companions throughout the day. You’ll never find such wonderful coworkers anywhere else!