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Sprinkling System Irrigator

Tend sprinkler systems that irrigate land.

What does a Sprinkling System Irrigator do?

Tends sprinkler system that irrigates land: Lays out strings along designated pipeline settings in field. Connects pipe, using snap lock or wrench to tighten collar clamp. Attaches revolving sprinkler heads to vertical pipes at designated points along pipeline. Starts gasoline engine and adjusts controls that move self-propelled wheel line sprinkler system across field or pushes on switch that activates circle sprinkler system, and starts pump that forces water through system to irrigate crops. Observes revolving sprinklers to ensure uniform distribution of water to all areas. Lubricates, adjusts, and repairs or replaces parts, such as sprinkler heads and drive chains to maintain system, using handtools. Disassembles system and moves it to next location after specified time intervals.