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Spring Maker

Set up and operate machines to fabricate wire forms from steel wires.

What does a Spring Maker do?

Sets up and operates variety of machines to fabricate small lots or samples of coiled compression, extension, and torsion springs, and other wire forms from steel wire or strip, following blueprints, drawings, and setup charts: Selects machine tools, such as arbor, grooved tool, and pitch tool, and installs them on lathe winder. Operates lathe winders to form coiled flat and wire springs [LATHE WINDER]. Crimps and trues coiled springs and bends wire and flat forms to specified shape, using handtools, vise, and forming plates. Operates forming presses to form spring washers and flat metal products from flat stock. Measures products for conformance to specifications, using calipers, micrometers, and other gauges. Places pan of springs in gas-fired oven or places individual springs in molten lead bath for heat treating and removes springs after specified period of time to air or water cool. Recommends changes in blueprints, in machine setup, type of metal, and methods and procedures operations for making products. Makes spring-machine attachments and tools not in stock [TOOL MAKER].