Spring Coiling Machine Setter

Set up automatic spring coiling machines to fabricate extension springs.

What does a Spring Coiling Machine Setter do?

Sets up automatic spring coiling machines to fabricate compression and extension springs from steel wire, according to blueprints and setup charts: Reviews blueprint to determine setup procedures to follow, machine attachments required, and stock to use, or obtains details from setup charts. Selects machine attachments, such as taper cams, wire size block, coiling point, pitch tool, and cutting tool, according to blueprint or setup chart, and installs them on machine. Verifies wire diameter with micrometer caliper and threads wire through drive rollers and machine guides. Sets cams, turnbuckle, and pitch tool to control spring dimensions. Makes trial run and measures sample product for conformance to specifications, using gauges and micrometers. Adjusts machine to attain specified tolerances and releases machine to SPRING COILER with oral instructions concerning its operation. Grinds cams and pitch tool to maintain their dimensions. May recommend blueprint changes. May make tool attachments, such as coiling point, cams, forming tools, and cut-off tools if not in stock.