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Spreading Machine Operator

Tend equipment that spread and cut glutinous materials.

What does a Spreading Machine Operator do?

Tends equipment that spreads and cuts glutinous material, such as glue and gelatin, into sheets for drying: Opens valve to allow glutinous material to spread onto conveyor belt or onto tray. Starts conveyor belt to move material through chilling tunnel to congeal, or cuts off material, using knife, when tray is filled. Turns on cooling system in chilling tunnel, observes thickness of congealed material, and regulates flow of material onto conveyor belt to ensure specified thickness. Starts knives that cut congealed material into sheets of specified length and machine that deposits sheets onto drying frames. Stacks drying frames or trays of glutinous material onto handtruck and pushes handtruck to drying compartments. May tend equipment to dry glutinous material [DRIER OPERATOR VI].