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Spreader I

Spread layers of cloth on tables.

What does a Spreader I do?

Spreads layers of cloth on table preparatory to marking and cutting parts for such articles as garments, mattress or upholstery covers, and bedspreads: Mounts roll of cloth in rack at end of table. Unreels successive lengths of cloth onto table, spreading each length evenly on length beneath. Places weights on cloth, fastens edges of fabric lay, using stapler, or clamps edges of cloth to hold material in position for cutting. May measure specified length of material to be cut according to work order or verbal instructions. May cut out parts, using scissors. May assemble cut garment parts. May work as member of two-person team and position, secure with metal rules, and cut cloth, using shears, rather than folding successive layers, to allow front surface of each layer to face upwards.