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Sprayer Operator

Control metal spraying machines to coat carbon anodes with molten aluminum.

What does a Sprayer Operator do?

Controls metal spraying machine and melting furnace to coat carbon anodes with molten aluminum for use in reducing pots: Sets furnace temperature control dial at desired level and checks level of molten aluminum in furnace. Adjusts flow of compressed air through spray nozzle and hydraulic tilt of furnace and turntable. Presses button on control panel to move monorail trolley holding anode assembly onto turntable of spray machine. Starts hydraulic system that lowers turntable and anode to bottom of spray pit. Starts flow of compressed air through nozzle that sprays specified amount of molten metal onto rotating anode. Repositions furnace in original position, stops equipment, and hoists anode assembly onto monorail conveyor for movement to loading station. Cleans aluminum overspray from sides and bottom of pit and places residue in container for reuse. Skims slag from molten aluminum in furnace to remove impurities.