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Spray Painting Machine Operator

Control combination drying ovens that preheat and glaze bisque wares.

What does a Spray Painting Machine Operator do?

Controls combination drying oven and spray booth equipment that preheats and glazes bisque ware: Lights gas jets of drying ovens that preheat ware to set glaze. Adjusts controls to regulate speed of conveyor. Starts pumps to pump glaze to spray guns. Positions spray guns in booths at required angles, adjusts nozzles, and turns valves controlling air pressure to produce even coating of glaze according to size and shape of ware. Examines glazed ware for cracks, glaze runs, and uneven thickness of glaze. Cleans machine and replaces clogged glaze filters, air lines, and spray nozzles. May coat interior of ware with glaze, using spray gun.