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Spray Painter II

Perform duties as described under Spray Painters I.

What does a Spray Painter II do?

Performs duties as described under PAINTER, SPRAY I 741.684-026 where coating of surface or product is required without need for finished appearance. Sprays manufactured articles on assembly line, or travels to work site to spray materials, such as waterproofing, adhesive, foam, or paint, onto surfaces of articles. May be designated according to article sprayed as Coil Sprayer; Mica-Parts Sprayer; Painter, Barrel; or according to coating applied as Enamel Sprayer II; Lacquer Sprayer II; Sizing Sprayer. May be designated: Dag Sprayer; Doper Operator; Lipcoat Sprayer; Painter, Blackwall Tire; Painter, Chassis; Painter, Electric Motor; Silicator; Special-Lining Applier; Spray Cementer; Sprayer; Tile Sprayer; Timber Sprinkler; Undercoat Sprayer; Waterproofer.