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Spray Painter Helper

Assist Spray Painters.

What does a Spray Painter Helper do?

Assists PAINTER, SPRAY I 741.684-026 to spray-paint surfaces of materials or products, performing any combination of following tasks: Loads and moves materials to work area, using handtruck or dolly. Fills containers with prescribed quantities of paint and thinner. Applies masking to articles [MASKER 749.687-018]. Installs specified nozzles in spray guns. Replaces screens and filters. Cleans and prepares surface of articles to be painted, using solvent, sandpaper, wire brush, and scraper. Pushes painted articles to and from drying oven, using handtruck. Cleans spray and drying chamber, conveyor, tanks, hoses, and nozzles, using solvent, brushes, and cloths. Racks workpieces on conveyor; and inspects, marks, and transfers finished pieces to stockroom or shipping areas. Positions articles in jigs or erects ladders and scaffolds. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.