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Spray Gun Striper

Paint decorative stripes on manufactured articles.

What does a Spray Gun Striper do?

Paints decorative stripes on manufactured articles, using spray gun and templates: Fills reservoir of spray gun with paint or enamel. Positions straightedge, template, or other guide on article to be striped, and pulls trigger of gun to apply paint or enamel as gun is moved along surface. Touches up stripe, using brush, and wipes excess paint from surface, using cloth and turpentine. May stripe articles against molding or in groove of article without use of guide. May paint decorative stripes or spiral designs on articles such as bisque ware or wheels as they revolve on turntable or mandrel, using spray gun equipped with specified striping nozzle. May be designated according to product or article striped as Pottery Striper; Washing-Machine Striper.