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Spot Welder

Fuse metal together by directing huge amounts of energy into small areas.

What does a Spot Welder do?

Huge sheets of metal are used to create a variety of products, ranging from cars to toys. But none of these products can carry out their functions-like floating, carrying loads, containing moving parts, or supporting weight-unless the individual sheets of metal are secured together. A Spot Welder accomplishes this goal by applying heat to specific portions, or spots, of the metal.

Each job for a Spot Welder is a little different, so you see some variety from one project to the next. In order to get it right, you pay special attention to the directions outlined on the work order. Every weld targets a very specific area, keeping the heat from touching all other portions of the metal.

With experience, you’ll not only learn how to target a specific area, but you’ll also understand the amount of heat required, based on the properties and thickness of the sheet metal. In order to be precise in your welds, it’s important that you apply the correct amount of heat. Too much and you’ll leave a hole in the metal, too little and the metal won’t melt at all.

Working as a Spot Welder is a great way to learn the craft of welding. There are ample opportunities to advance in the field. You could become a Welder Fabricator, Marine Welder, or Welding Automation Technician. With a little more schooling, you could even become the Welding Engineer who trains other Welders.