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Spot Cleaner

Remove soil from garments.

What does a Spot Cleaner do?

Removes soil from garments, using either of following methods: Examines garment to detect lint, loose threads, and soiled areas. Brushes lint and loose threads from garment. Sponges soiled areas with sponge or cloth saturated with cleaning fluid or soap and water. Removes excess fluid or soap from garment, using damp cloth. Spreads garment on bench or table to dry. Examines garment for soiled area and places garment on buck of machine. Depresses pedal to force steam through buck and hose and guides nozzle of hose over soiled area. Releases pedal to stop steam and depresses pedal to circulate hot air through buck and hose to dry garment and prevent formation of cleaning rings. May clean and dry soiled garments, using spray gun. May trim excess material from seams and frayed edges of garment, using scissors. May hang garments on hangers. May attach tags and labels to garments.