Sports Statistician

Record facts and figures about sports games.

What does a Sports Statistician do?

“His batting average is 300!” “His shooting averages 40%.” When it comes to sports, it seems that every moment is recorded in the Statistician books. And it’s all thanks to the Sports Statistician.

That’s because the Sports Statistician’s job is to watch every moment, follow the calls of the Referee, and make an accurate record of it all.

As a Sports Statistician, you’re front and center at every game. Whether you strut your stuff at the little league game or work for the Seattle Seahawks, your work is pivotal to the media getting the facts straight. After a high-intensity session of recordkeeping, you tally the numbers, create a neat report, and hand it over to the hungry Sports Reporters.

Journalists aren’t the only ones interested in your work, though. Sports Recruiters and Sports Scouts also request copies of your tallies in their effort to hunt down the most talented Players across the country.

Even the Coaches and Referees rely on you to keep track of whether a Player has earned enough fouls to be kicked out of the game or how many minutes the Player has been in. You might even settle disputes regarding the rules during the game. In addition, you often hold the title of Scorer. If all that doesn’t keep you busy, you can input salary and injury information into the computer and make a permanent record of the game stats.