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Sports Reporter



Cover games and keep viewers in-the-know about sports news.

What does a Sports Reporter do?

A sports reporter covers sports events and news in a variety of media. You may work for a newspaper, online publication, television show, radio station, or network. No matter what the environment, your number one job is to deliver the news that is pertinent to your audience: all things sports. You may do a bit of traveling, whether locally, nationally, or perhaps even internationally, because on-the-scene coverage is vital to this subject matter.

To be a sports reporter, you must know a great deal about sports history, important players, all of the latest trade news, and what happened in last night’s game. You may even specialize in a specific kind of sport, in which case you should strive to know as much as possible about that area.

At the actual games you attend, it’s essential that you record everything noteworthy, and that you create a unique and personal take on the game you’re covering. This is an important part of developing a fan base. You should work towards bringing something new to the table, and it helps if you’re well-spoken and know how to get to the point.

You typically attend press conferences and conduct interviews with players and coaches. This is where your great personality, attention to detail, and wealth of sports knowledge come in. So go get ’em, slugger.

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