Sports Medicine Coordinator

Organize a team charged with keeping Athletes in tip-top shape.

What does a Sports Medicine Coordinator do?

Whether you’re skiing down a steep slope, running across a field with the wind in your hair, or diving from a high platform, there’s nothing more fun than giving your favorite sport your all. However, accidents do happen, and specialists are needed to treat injuries related to sports. A Sports Medicine Coordinator leads a team of professionals in diagnosing and treating athletic injuries, helping the players get back up on their feet and into the game.

The crew you manage as a Sports Medicine Coordinator is comprised of Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and General Practitioners, all assisting you in taking care of patients on and off the field. You have to be familiar with their skills, and sometimes, you’re even forced to fill in and work directly with a patient if staffing is low. Hospitals, schools, and sports teams all rely on Sports Medicine Coordinators to serve as hubs for athletic health.

Although your priority is to make sure Athletes are shipshape, when a game isn’t in swing, you devote a good portion of your time to the community. As a head of a health program, you assess sports programs, create neighborhood health projects, and put together seminars and clinics. One of the best ways to ensure that Athletes don’t sustain injury is by educating young kids before they pick up a football or strap on a pair of water-skis.

The damage an Athlete can sustain isn’t just limited to accidents during a game. Bad playing habits can cause long-term joint and muscle problems, and the industry can create unhealthy views of body image that can lead to eating disorders and steroid use. The education and outreach that you put together ensure a safer playing field and happier players.