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Sports Lawyer

Sports Lawyer


Represent Athletes in contract negotiations and court cases.

What does a Sports Lawyer do?

A Sports Lawyer’s job is to act as both a Lawyer and an Agent, representing the legal and financial interests of clients, which include Players, Coaches, and teams. After all, being a Professional Athlete isn’t all fun and games. For every touchdown, for instance, there’s also a contract to negotiate. For every baseball pitch, there’s a union dispute to resolve. And for every slam dunk, there’s a lawsuit to settle.

In addition to an Athletic Trainer, a Coach, and a team, therefore, every Professional Athlete needs the services of a Sports Lawyer, or Sports Attorney.

You know Tom Cruise’s character in the 1996 movie “Jerry Maguire”? The one who famously screams, “Show me the money,” when his client, Cuba Gooding Jr., makes him? He’s a Sports Lawyer.

When you’re a Sports Lawyer, it’s your client’s job to perform when they’re on the field. It’s your job, however, to make sure they’re protected when they’re off the field as their official representative to team owners, Managers, and sponsors.

Typically, that entails a variety of duties, which your clients pay you to manage. For example, you secure and interpret employment contracts, and negotiate salaries, bonuses, and compensation. You also resolve contract and labor disputes, negotiate sponsorship deals, and defend clients in court against criminal charges as well as lawsuits brought against them for breach of contract, harassment, and other issues. In addition, you serve as clients’ Spokesperson to the media, and assist clients with the creation of legal entities, including charitable foundations and outside business ventures.

Whether it’s the Quarterback of a football team, the Coach of a hockey team, a tennis champion, or an Olympic Swimmer, consider yourself the guardian angel of athletics!

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