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Sports Information Director



Generate media publicity for a university's athletic teams.

What does a Sports Information Director do?

Sports Information Directors work closely with both the sports teams of the college or university that employs them, and various media outlets. The Sports Information Director is basically the go-between for a school’s teams and their publicity outlets. Your job as Sports Information Director is to handle the information available to the media about your school’s teams’ players, Coache, records, and new programs. It’s up to you to generate coverage for the teams you represent, to check that all of the facts are correct, and to make sure that important sports moments are covered and turned into an opportunity for elevating the school and the teams.

Your job takes you to the actual games. You watch these games, write down all noteworthy moments, and communicate these to local, and perhaps national, media outlets. If the game is on a national level, or is a particularly important local game, you may find yourself being interviewed or quoted by the media, or acting as their resource person.

You are also in charge of scheduling interviews with the players and Coaches, and of providing credentials for the media. During the actual games, you are responsible for distributing statistics to the media personnel in attendance. And after the game, you’re tasked with drafting press releases and recaps.

It is also important that you constantly update the athletics page on the school’s website to publicize your sports events, thus improving your chances of getting media coverage and encouraging game attendance. Schedules, stats, and profiles are all public information, and should be readily accessible to the media. And it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for them to cover your teams.

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