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Sports Executive

Manage the business end of a million-dollar sports team.

What does a Sports Executive do?

The term Sports Executive is a pretty broad title that covers a lot of ground. As a Sports Executive, you can do everything from running ticket sales to recruiting Coaches and players to managing the entire franchise. Basically, you’re part of the top management of a sports team.

Every sports team hires Executives, which is good news for you because it means you can choose where to work and who to work for. Depending on what you do within the team, you might need to have extensive experience on that particular sport.

Say, for example, you’re hired to recruit new players for a football team. If you grew up playing baseball and have only worked on baseball teams before, you probably won’t do such a hot job. However, someone who’s hired to be Vice President of ticket sales can have a background in any sport, as long as they know how to increase sales.

Where you work and what your exact role is will determine your day-to-day responsibilities. Typically, Sports Executives oversee Managers and other employees, and set goals for the team or franchise with the owner and other top Executives. You might also help come up with a plan to sell more tickets, improve the public’s perception of the team, negotiate salaries and game schedules, or recruit better players.

No matter what your responsibilities are though, good business sense is a necessity for this job, as is the ability to set and achieve long-term goals.