Sports Equipment Repairer

Repair and replace sporting and athletic equipment.

What does a Sports Equipment Repairer do?

Repairs and replaces sporting and athletic equipment, such as fishing tackle, tennis rackets, or archery equipment: Restrings tennis rackets with animal gut or synthetic string. Replaces defective parts of fishing tackle, such as reels and rods. Replaces metal points on arrow shafts. Refinishes surfaces of sporting and athletic equipment with lacquer or paint. May carve wooden parts for sporting and athletic equipment, using handtools and powered woodworking tools. May make new gun stocks and pistol grips. May reglue and rewind bamboo sections of fly rods. May rewind shafts of bows and arrows. May be designated according to type of sporting or athletic equipment repaired as Archery-Equipment Repairer; Fishing-Tackle Repairer; Football-Pad Repairer; Tennis-Racket Repairer.