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Sports Coach



Teach players the fundamentals and how to work as a team.

What does a Sports Coach do?

Most athletic games are made up of a series of steps repeated over and over: Pick up the ball, give it to someone else, run very fast, and then stop. The longer an athlete practices these moves, the more they become routine, so much so that during a game, the athlete can rely on muscle memory. A sports coach helps induce this zen-like state through practice, drills, and words of encouragement.

Professional sports teams hire head coaches to direct and supervise the entire team. The head coach develops plans for the team, and the sports coach carries out those plans. For example, the head coach might develop a new play for the team to use on game day. As sports coach, you teach the team what the play looks like, and force them to practice that play over and over.

Running regular practice sessions is your primary responsibility. In these sessions you ask the team to run drills, lift weights, and do fancy footwork. If you spot an athlete struggling with a concept, you provide one-on-one instruction.

The work you do on the day of the game depends heavily on the sport you’re coaching. If you work for a football team, for example, you might determine which players head onto the field charged with knocking down the quarterback. If you work for a baseball team, you might simply toss the ball about with the pitcher before he heads to the mound.

Professional athletes can sometimes be temperamental and difficult to work with. So one of your duties as a sports coach is to spend time simply parenting your athletes, teaching them how to manage their money and increasing fame without ending up in the tabloids.

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