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Make public statements on behalf of your company.

What does a Spokesperson do?

A Spokesperson is someone who’s chosen by a company to promote its brand through public announcements and endorsements. As a Spokesperson, you’re the voice (and face!) of an entire organization.

If you’ve ever tried to have the kind of conversation where everyone talks at once, you know from experience that it doesn’t work. Because everybody’s speaking and nobody’s listening, voices blend together and the message, garbled, gets eaten up by the chaotic colloquy. The same thing that happens to companies and organizations every day: Too many voices speak at once, so nobody can hear what’s actually being said. For that reason, many companies hire a Spokesperson.

Often, companies hire celebrities to be their Spokespeople in advertisements and at events. As a professional Spokesperson, however, you’re usually a Public Relations Representative, hired to communicate with the media, the government, and the public on behalf of your company or clients. As such, you spend your days giving speeches, making statements, and answering questions via press releases, press conferences, media interviews, social media posts, government hearings, private and public meetings, sponsored events, etc.

No matter who you’re speaking to or who you’re speaking for, your goal is controlling the message by putting a positive spin on company news and events, including everything from routine product launches to major company controversies. In that way, it’s best to think of yourself as a special kind of Firefighter: Using communications, you keep brands and images from being burned!

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