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Spoilage Worker

Inspect and repair rejected tin cans and tin-can parts.

What does a Spoilage Worker do?

Inspects and repairs rejected tin cans and tin-can parts: Inspects parts for defects, such as scratches, dents, nicks, and punctures, and sorts parts according to type of defect. Places can parts over die of straightening fixture and depresses pedal that forces curving plate against die to remove dents or places can body over form and reshapes flanges and side walls, using rubber hammer. Tests cans for leaks, using pressure tester [TESTING-MACHINE OPERATOR]. Solders holes in seams, using gas flame and hand-soldering iron. Cleans can parts with damp cloth, water, or solvent. Records source, type, and disposition of reprocessed cans and places cans and can parts in carton. Weighs scrap and routes scrap to salvage department. May observe decorated cans emerging from oven and remove cans with defects, such as faulty printing, malformed seams, or foreign materials.