Splitting-Machine Operator

Tend hydraulic machines that cut stone slabs.

What does a Splitting-Machine Operator do?

Tends hydraulic machine that cuts stone slabs for further processing: Reads work order to determine dimensions of stone to be cut. Sets end-stops according to dimensions of desired cut, measuring distance from blade with rule, or lays out dimensions on stone, using rule, straightedge, and chalk. Starts conveyor that moves stone over blade and against stops, or directs coworkers to push stone along roller conveyor into cutting position. Depresses pedal to raise turntable of conveyor containing stone slab, and rotates slab manually to align cutting mark with blades or to straighten stone against stops. Presses button to raise blade against stone and moves levers to lower wedges mounted on pressure head against stone. Turns lever or presses button to build up pressure in pressure head, observing gauge to determine when pressure is sufficient to cut stone. Pulls lever to force wedges against stone, splitting stone into specified dimensions. Lowers blade and end-stops, raises pressure head, and starts conveyor to remove stone. May tend machine that cuts granite blocks into paving-blocks and be designated Paving-Block Cutter I.