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Splitting Machine Operator Helper

Feed and off bear splitting machines that cut stone slabs.

What does a Splitting Machine Operator Helper do?

Feeds and off bears splitting machine that cuts stone slabs for further processing: Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lower sling, places sling around slab, and signals crane operator to lift and transport slab from layout area to conveyor of splitting machine. Pushes stone slab along roller conveyor onto machine work surface and rotates slab to align cutting marks on stone with blade of machine, as directed by operator. Turns stone on work surface of machine for additional cuts. Pushes stone from splitting machine along roller conveyor to holding area. Picks up broken fragments of stone and places them into rubble container, and directs crane operator to lower sling to lift large pieces of rubble for deposit in container. Attaches crane hook to rubble container to facilitate removal to spoil pile. Works as member of team.