Spiral Tube Winder

Set up and operate machines to wind continuous strips of paper into tubes.

What does a Spiral Tube Winder do?

Sets up and operates machine to wind continuous strips of paper or cardboard into tubes of specified dimensions and cut tubing to length to form fiber cans, containers, or cores for paper rolls: Installs and adjusts forming mandrels and cutting saw on machine, using handtools. Loads rolls of paper or cardboard on machine feedrack and locks them in place with clamps. Threads paper or cardboard through tension and gluing rollers, fills glue reservoirs, and sets thermostatic control to regulate temperatures of glue. Starts machine and turns wheels to adjust tension on pressure rollers and to synchronize speed of traveling cutoff saw with machine feed speed. Observes tubing for excess glue and open seams and adjusts machine to alter glue deposit and degree of spiral. Removes finished cores and stacks or places them on conveyor for transfer to other work areas. May be designated according to type of product wound as Coremaker.