Spiral Binder

Tend machines that form, insert, trim, and fasten spiral bindings.

What does a Spiral Binder do?

Tends machine that forms, inserts, trims, and fastens spiral binding in covers of paper goods such as booklets, pamphlets, and notebooks: Measures guides, using ruler, and positions or adjusts guides to accommodate size of sheets to be bound. Tightens setscrews to secure guides in specified position. Starts machine. Positions and holds items to be bound inside guide stops of machine and depresses pedal to form, insert, cut off, and crimp ends of spiral binder. Stacks bound items on skid. Removes broken pieces of wire from machine, using pointed pliers. Removes and replaces damaged covers and backs. May thread wire into machine. May manually start preformed spiral in perforated holes of items to be bound and hold spiral against rubber-covered spindle or wringer-like rollers which twist spiral into remaining perforations.