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Spiral Bevel Gear-Generator Set-Up Operator

Craft high-speed gear systems used in bicycles and motorcycles.

What does a Spiral Bevel Gear-Generator Set-Up Operator do?

When a Driver takes a car through a tight turn, the wheels on the inside of the turn must rotate slower than the wheels on the outside. Cars that lack this ability tend to bump and skip around corners, and they spend a lot of time in the care of a Mechanic. Creating this ability is difficult, however, and it requires special gears that are made with precision. A Spiral Bevel Gear-Generator Set-Up Operator makes those gears.

As a Spiral Bevel Gear-Generator Set-Up Operator, you work with very expensive pieces of metal. One small slip-up could render your work unusable. Thankfully, your machine is designed to handle precise programming, and you have a series of drawings from Product Designers that you use to instruct your machine.

To begin your work as a Spiral Bevel Gear-Generator Set-Up Operator, you select the proper piece of metal and clamp it into the machine. Then, using a wrench or a hand wheel, you put the metal in the proper position relative to the cutter, and you turn the machine on. As the metal is being cut, it heats up, so you spray a fine mist of coolant onto the parts to keep them from melting.

When the process is complete, you remove the gear from the machine and measure it carefully to make sure it matches the requirements outlined in the drawings. If the gear doesn’t conform in some way, you reprogram the machine and start the process again.

Each time you make a new gear, you follow these steps. As the machine heats up, it cuts the metal slightly differently, and you account for this in your programming calculations.