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Spin Casting Machine Operator

Run machines that spin liquid pewter and plastic into molds to cool.

What does a Spin Casting Machine Operator do?

Products are made in a variety of ways. One way that liquid materials are turned into jewelry, shaped plastic, and other components is through the use of a machine called a spin casting machine (also known as a centrifugal casting machine). Spin Casting Machine Operators handle these machines during the manufacturing process.

To understand the job of a Spin Casting Machine Operator, think back to a time when you played with Play-Doh. When you took a soft ball of Play-Doh and pressed it into a rubber mold, a casting of the mold popped back out.

Of course, there are a few differences between Play-Doh and the machine you use as a Spin Casting Machine Operator. Mainly, those differences are that the material going into the machine is typically pewter, a zinc alloy, or a melted equivalent of plastic. Also, instead of pressing the material into the rubber mold as it cools, the spin casting machine uses the power of centrifugal force to push the materials into shape.

To get the job done, you use a combination of Technician, Mechanic, and Factory Worker skills. That means you make adjustments to the machine as needed, and provide minor maintenance or repairs. The name of this game is production, though, so your job is to pump out the product in an efficient fashion. You might even operate a few machines concurrently while repeatedly filling them with liquid, timing the process, and removing the completed casting.