Sperm Donor Coordinator

Screen sperm donors.

What does a Sperm Donor Coordinator do?

As a Sperm Donor Coordinator, you find the perfect donor for a couple who wants a baby but can’t conceive on their own. Finding the right donor is a critical step in the process, and you screen donors to find those with a clean bill of health and a winning personality. Sperm Donor Coordinators serve both donors and recipients to make sure everyone is informed about how the process works.

When you’re a Sperm Donor Coordinator, you spend your time at a clinic working alongside Fertility Doctors. When a potential donor drops by, you explain the qualification requirements. You find out more about who he is and if he has any medical conditions that would keep him from donating.

The patient fills out the forms you give him, and you check with his Doctors to see that he’s telling the truth. Many donors are turned down due to physical, mental, or emotional health issues.

When a couple needs a donor, you suggest available matches and give them an idea of the man’s personality and medical background. In many cases, the donor and recipient do not meet. That’s why it’s so important that you give the couple an accurate portrayal of donor choices.

Finally, you keep track of everyone’s information. You must keep accurate and confidential records. You need to know who made donations, but no one else should. Thanks to your work, couples can have the child they’ve always wanted.