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Speed Operator

Operate equipment from pulpit of rolling mill.

What does a Speed Operator do?

Operates equipment from pulpit of rolling mill to start, stop, and regulate speed of rolls, rollers, conveyors, and edgers to reduce gauge of steel slabs and billets: Turns master switch and motor-breaker switches to build up voltage of mill motors. Moves levers and switches to set specified roll speeds at each roll stand and signals furnace crew to release slab or billet onto entry conveyor. Observes gauges, tachometers, and product being rolled to determine if specified roll speed, motor load, and tension on product is being maintained. Adjusts controls to regulate rolling speed, to prevent looping, warping, or stretching of product as gauge and temperature of product is reduced and roll draft is changed. Stops motors or shut down mill for repairs or roll changes. May assist other workers in making roll changes, and in repairing, replacing, or adjusting roll line equipment, using handtools.