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Write memorable lines for CEOs and Politicians to read out.

What does a Speechwriter do?

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” Sure, Marc Antony had some help from his creator, Shakespeare, but if the story were real, he may also have had help from a Speechwriter when concocting his farewell words to Julius Caesar. Of course, if fictional characters were the only ones who needed their speeches written for them, the job would be imaginary, too. But Speechwriters are used every day by everyone from the city Mayor to the CEO of a major corporation to the President Of The United States.

As a Speechwriter, you might work on a freelance basis, snatching up a pen when you get the call. Or, you might be employed by a business, a legal firm, a political party, or any other group that frequently presents public speeches.

When you get an assignment, your first order of business is to talk with the person who’ll be presenting the speech. You have questions: Who are you writing for? What message does he want to send? Who’s the intended audience?

With a groundwork of information, you let your fingers loose on the keyboard, making sure to incorporate all the key points and use the natural tone and dialect of the speaker. Although you rarely get credit for the speech you write, you’re rewarded with the pleasure of watching the crowd react to your words, spoken through the mouth of the speaker.