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Specialty Environmental Monitor

Keep an eye on the environment to make sure it's safe from harm.

What does a Specialty Environmental Monitor do?

In tune with nature and all its bounty, a Specialty Environmental Monitor protects the natural beauty of the earth. Employed in a variety of industries, a Specialty Environmental Monitor wears an imaginary cape and fights the evils that threaten to harm everyone.

As a Specialty Environmental Monitor, you have a very strong background in science. Biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, and marine biology courses all prepare you for your daily tasks. Working closely with Aquatic Biologists, Botanists, Pedologists, and Arborists, you identify pollutants that may harm the water, plants, soil, or trees in a particular area.

For example, if you’re a Specialty Environmental Monitor employed by a pharmaceutical company, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the processes used to manufacture the medications don’t harm the surrounding water supply. Expect to spend portions of your day collecting water samples from nearby waterways and then studying them in the laboratory. Through a series of tests, you check that the water is safe and the safety procedures in place are effective.

Excellent communication skills are necessary in this position, as you’re likely to interact with people at all levels. You speak with laymen, experienced Scientists, and company executives, and you must be able to relay your findings to everyone regardless of their experience. If you cannot convey your message, the water, soil, or air stands to lose the most.

Experience in the industry and extensive coursework make you a specialist, and your love for nature makes you a success. Put on your boots and save the planet, one project at a time!