Special Machine Stitcher

Operate stitching machines to perform specific function.

What does a Special Machine Stitcher do?

Operates stitching machine to perform specific function, such as to reinforce shoe parts or attach buckles: Places specified spool of thread or prewound bobbin on spindle or in shuttle and draws thread through guides, slots, and needles. Aligns parts to be stitched, following seams, edges, or markings. Positions parts under needle and depresses pedal to start machine. Cuts excess threads, using scissors or knife. May guide parts past machine head during stitching cycle. May be designated according to type of stitch used or part stitched as Lockstitcher; Platform Stitcher; Plug Stitcher; Rapid-Outsole Stitcher; Sole Stitcher. Important variables may be indicated by trade names of machines used.