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Special Library Librarian

Manage library or section containing specialized materials.

What does a Special Library Librarian do?

Manages library or section containing specialized materials for industrial, commercial, or governmental organizations, or for such institutions as schools and hospitals: Selects, orders, catalogs, and classifies special collections of technical books, manufacturers’ catalogs and specifications, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual material, microforms, journal reprints, and other materials. Searches literature, compiles accession lists, and annotates or abstracts materials. Assists patrons in research problems. May key information into computer to store or search for selected material. May translate or order translation of materials from foreign languages into English. May train other workers engaged in cataloguing, locating, filing, or copying selected material. May be designated according to subject matter, specialty or library, or department as Art Librarian; Business Librarian; Engineering Librarian; Law Librarian; Map Librarian; Medical Librarian.