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Special Education Teaching Assistant

Provide classroom help to support students with learning challenges

What does a Special Education Teaching Assistant do?

Helping the day go smoother, a Special Education Teaching Assistant provides support to the Special Education Teacher. Overseeing behavior, monitoring class assignments, documenting student progress, and assisting with healthcare needs are all in a day’s work.

As a Special Education Teaching Assistant, you can expect every day to be different. Your organizational and communication skills are tested daily as you track progress and relay the information to parents. Working closely with the Special Education Teacher, Program Director, and Principal, you strive to ensure that all students are well cared for. As you manipulate physical therapy devices and assist students with wheelchairs or hearing aids, you ensure their academic success.

You put your creativity to work as well, as you construct bulletin boards that are fun and educational. Your creations may depict safety precautions like fire drills, math equations to solve, or even holiday traditions from around the world. Education should be fun, and you have the chance to make that happen.

When you’re a Special Education Teaching Assistant, your physical strength and stamina are also tested. You’re expected to lift students from wheelchairs as well as other assistive equipment repeatedly. The ability to climb, bend, stand, twist, and walk for long periods is essential, as you’re required to move students who are unable to move themselves. Students depend on you for help with activities like using the restroom and boarding the bus.

When the end-of-the-day dismissal bell rings, you may be tired, but you’re satisfied with your accomplishments. Knowing that you change the lives of students is well worth the effort.