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Special Education Professor



Teach university students about special education practices.

What does a Special Education Professor do?

Disabilities don’t stop people from learning, thanks to the teachings and research of Special Education Professors. Special Education Professors educate college students on the different methods of teaching people who have disabilities. If you’re a Special Education Professor, you also conduct your own research in your spare time to learn more about, and improve upon, current methods for helping those with special needs.

Working as a Special Education Professor fills both a thirst for knowledge and a desire to help others. You have access to the materials you need to study the numerous teaching methods currently used for those with disabilities, and from this information you can develop theories on how to improve them.

During your workweek, you spend half of your time in your office doing research or writing up your latest article for a scientific journal, and the other half in the classroom. A college-level teaching career lets you tackle a wide range of complex subjects covering the needs of special education students and those with disabilities. The latest theories and current practices are discussed at length between you and your students, and these lectures encourage creative thinking.

Some of your students will go on to teach those with disabilities, while others will work in human services assisting those with special needs. Still others will go on to do their own research to improve the field. Meanwhile, you’ll continue to shape eager minds with your knowledge, and conduct your own studies into improving a disabled person’s quality of life.

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