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Special Education Bus Driver

Transport and take exceptional care of special needs students.

What does a Special Education Bus Driver do?

Special Education Bus Drivers are in charge not only of transporting students to and from school, but also of overseeing any special needs the students on the bus may have. A simple bus ride may not be so simple when the passengers have special needs, so Special Education Bus Drivers know how to respond swiftly if an accident or illness occurs. They are the guardians keeping the students safe from the dangers of speeding traffic.

As a Special Education Bus Driver, you cover routes to and from school, and may also make special trips, such as field trips, throughout the school year. Your basic duties are similar to those of a regular Bus Driver. It’s up to you to follow a strict schedule and cover your route within a specific amount of time.

In addition to these responsibilities, you also understand the special needs of the students on your bus, and know how to take care of problems that might occur. From rowdy students to a sick child, you respond calmly to situations. If a child gets sick while the bus is traveling to the school, for example, you know to first pull safely to the side of the road or into a parking lot so you can check on the sick student.

The job of a Bus Driver is one that requires patience, regardless of the age of your passengers. All kids get fidgety or act up once in a while, but you know how to keep everyone seated and safe.