Spar Machine Operator

Operate wood-turning lathes to peel, trim, and shape poles into round form.

What does a Spar Machine Operator do?

Operates wood-turning lathe to peel, trim, and shape poles into round or tapered form to use as transmission line poles crossarms and boat masts: Installs cutters in machine and fastens cutter-guide arm on straight or tapered track, according to work order, using rule and wrenches. Pulls control cables of hoist to lift pole onto lathe carriage. Centers and secures piece between live spindle and tailstock, using handwheel, rule, and wrenches. Starts motors to actuate exhaust fan and cutterhead, and to rotate pole. Pulls levers and turns handwheel to move cutterhead along rails against pole to cut and shape pole to specified dimensions. Measures pole as cutting progresses, using rule and calipers. Sharpens and replaces worn cutters. May clean machinery and work area, using broom.