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Space Planner

Make the best use of spaces by creating efficient plans.

What does a Space Planner do?

A space planner researches a location, considers its intended use, and prepares a plan that most effectively employs that space. You turn an unused or underutilized space into a functional, if not beautiful one.

There are many ways to use your abilities as a space planner including as a store planner or interior designer. No matter where you use them, the job characteristics are the same.

First you meet with the customer. This might be an individual doing a home renovation, someone who wants to rearrange his or her living room, or a business moving to a new location. You interview the client to gain a clear idea of his goals for the project. You observe the flow of work, and consider the number of people and square footage inhabiting the space. Other details include the colors, furniture, fixtures, lighting requirements, flooring, equipment, and required output for the space.

To help you keep it all organized and create a picture of the final design, most space planners use computer-aided design (CAD) software. You present this comprehensive plan to the customer. Once approved, you supervise the construction or changes made to the space. You purchase fixtures, furniture, and other goods for the area and ensure their proper placement. Of course, you do all this while presenting progress reports to the customer and staying within budget. To ensure the project is done right, you use your skills in problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail.