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Spa Attendant

Keep a spa spick and span.

What does a Spa Attendant do?

For spa-goers, the word “spa” should stand for “soothing, peaceful atmosphere.” Yet with so many people coming and going, how does a spa stay so clean and relaxing? That’s the responsibility of the behind-the-scenes crew, and as a Spa Attendant, you’re a part of it. Whether helping customers or filling rooms with fresh towels, the Spa Attendant runs the show and ensures every visitor finds some much-needed inner peace.

Spa Attendants tackle two major tasks: customer service and room service. Room service takes up the largest part of your day. Throughout business hours, you wipe off and sanitize locker rooms, massage tables, and fitness equipment, if the spa provides a workout area. You also supply fresh towels so no customer ever dries off with someone else’s used rag.

While making your rounds to keep the spa sparkling clean, you perform customer service along the way. You run into customers who can’t find the right room, need a new towel, or have questions about the spa’s services. Answering questions and providing small services, like fetching a new bathrobe, make a positive impact on clients. A happy customer is one who never has to wait for a clean towel.

Aside from promoting client happiness, you also ensure the health and safety of everyone—workers included. Clean and sanitized rooms minimize the risk of tripping or picking up diseases. This creates the peaceful atmosphere people crave. Watching stressed clients melt into relaxed, upbeat people is one of the instant payoffs in this line of work.