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Spa Activity Coordinator

Greet guests, schedule appointments, and keep the spa full of customers.

What does a Spa Activity Coordinator do?

A Spa Activity Coordinator does everything for spa guests so they can do nothing. After all, people go to the spa to relax. And in the modern world of 24/7 connections — where everyone is always doing something — there’s nothing more relaxing than doing nothing.

As a Spa Activity Coordinator, you’re like a spa-industry Travel Agent: Whether it’s a day spa, destination spa, hotel/resort spa, fitness spa, medical spa, or cruise ship spa, it’s your job to create an “itinerary” for guests as they travel through their spa experience.

That itinerary might include a morning massage and a facial. It might include lunch, horseback riding, or a manicure. It might even include a tennis lesson, followed by a muscle-soothing mineral bath. Regardless, it’s your responsibility as a Spa Activity Coordinator to memorize the spa’s menu of services and activities, then help guests choose, schedule, and book their appointments prior to — or perhaps even during — their spa visit.

You work under a Spa Director, and your domain also includes customer service, as you’re often expected to answer phones, greet visitors, and give tours to new spa guests, showing them the facilities and escorting them to the locker rooms. From there, you might also share responsibilities with the spa Concierge, helping him or her distribute robes and slippers to guests upon arrival, supply and serve snacks and beverages, and clean and maintain the reception areas, locker rooms, lounge areas, and treatment rooms.

Primarily, though, you’re Simon in a spa version of “Simon Says”: You tell guests what to do, where to go, and when.