Souvenir and Novelty Maker

Fabricate souvenirs and novelty items from materials.

What does a Souvenir and Novelty Maker do?

Fabricates souvenirs and novelty items from materials, such as sea shells, pine needles, driftwood, wooden stock, cloth scraps, skins, and parts of animals: Studies samples, patterns, or drawings to become familiar with items to be made and materials needed to fabricate souvenir or novelty items; or employs artistic ability and creative talent to design items. Constructs items by one of following methods: Molds or builds forms of plaster of paris or wood, using handtools. Examines animal skins and cuts skin to fit form, using knife and scissors. Attaches skin to form with tacks and glue. Attaches items, such as lighters, ash trays, and light fixtures, using adhesives and handtools. Combs and brushes fur to improve appearance. Assembles cleaned, sanded, and waxed driftwood in artistic display and attaches driftwood to wooden base with glue or screws. Arranges pine needles into specified patterns to fabricate baskets, coasters, and utility mats and stitches needles in place with raffia. Constructs rag dolls following pattern, sewing parts together, stuffing doll with filler material, embroidering features on doll face, and placing designated clothing on doll. Builds items, such as sailboats, fish, and animals from woodstock, using handtools and power tools. Cuts out shape of item with coping, hand, or jigsaw and completes item by carving and sanding wood. Buffs, polishes, paints, or varnishes item to produce desired finish. Cleans, cuts, or grinds sea shells and coral with handtools and power tools to prepare coral and shells for use as souvenir or novelty items. Arranges items on display board, in glass jars, or into novelty items, such as figurines, lamps, or paperweights, using jewelry findings, pipe cleaners, glue, wire, plaster of paris, and handtools. May keep records pertaining to cost of supplies and income from sales.