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Sound Technician

Monitor microphone levels and positions so performances sound right.

What does a Sound Technician do?

A Sound Technician operates the audio equipment during live performances. The goal of the Sound Technician is to make sure that amplifiers, microphones, and any other audio installations pick up or emit sounds in a clear and balanced manner.

As a Sound Technician, you monitor both live and taped sounds that will be used during the performance. So you balance the vocal and music tracks, and when a celebrity wants to lip-sync you make sure the sound quality of her tape is impeccable.

For each job you help unload and set up the sound equipment, then run the sound check to read sound placements. During the performance, you work the soundboard and introduce any audio effects that are called for in the program.

For this position you need the technical expertise to place your equipment where it needs to be, troubleshoot it on the fly if something happens during the performance, and keep it generally patched up and working between performances. On large productions you will work with a team of Sound Technicians and be assigned to one particular area to set up and monitor.