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Sound Engineer Technician

Tweak sound levels on recorded music or during live performances.

What does a Sound Engineer Technician do?

If music were a cake, the Sound Engineer Technician would be its Baker. Sound Engineer Technicians select, mix, and finalize sounds of all flavors – from a tornado in a movie to the catchy tunes at a sporting event.

As a Sound Engineer Technician, you cover both the creative and the technical sides of sound development. From dreaming up the perfect movie monster roar to editing the soundtracks for a horror film, you bring scripts to life.

Whether at a production studio, a radio station, or a theater, you tackle a wide range of tasks that change daily. Yesterday, you were setting up equipment; today, you’re cueing music for a play; and tomorrow, you’re syncing dialogue with scenes from a TV show. You speak with Actors and Producers to find what sounds they want and where to put them.

Recent advancements in recording and editing software and equipment mean you must be tech savvy as well as artistic to do your job. Mixing consoles – the sound controls found in recording studios – hold hundreds of knobs, buttons, and switches to push, pull, and press. Your inner child will love it!

The flexibility of the job lets you decide if you want to spend nights in a club mixing hit songs, or afternoons at a computer tweaking a Singer ‘s latest album until it’s all in harmony. Whatever your job, you ensure that every sound is music to your listeners’ ears.