Sound Controller

Operate sound-mixing boards to control output of voices.

What does a Sound Controller do?

Operates sound-mixing board to control output of voices, music, and previously taped sound effects during stage performances: Analyzes script of dialog, music, and sound effects as applied to particular scene to determine sound requirements. Confers with producing personnel concerning microphone placement, special sound effects, cues, and acoustical characteristics of theater. Locates sound-mixing board backstage or in theater control room. Arranges microphones in theater to achieve best sound pickup. Moves control to turn microphones on or off and adjusts volume, fader, and mixer controls to blend output of individual microphones. Listens to overall effect on monitor loudspeaker and observes dials on control panel to verify suitability of sounds. May modify design of sound equipment used. May operate record and electrical transcription turntables to supply musical selections and other sound material.