Sorority House Mom

Serve as a live-in resource for the girls in your sorority.

What does a Sorority House Mom do?

It takes a special kind of person to want to be mother to a large group of female college students, all living in the same house. If you’re that kind of person, you could become a Sorority House Mom.

Sorority House Moms live in a sorority house or “Greek house” on a college campus. As a Sorority House Mom, you oversee the staff, help plan menus, are in charge of food ordering and shopping, and schedule maintenance and repairs for the house. You also answer to the corporation, board, or owners of the house, and keep them informed. But your main job is being there for the girls in case any issue arises.

You have to enjoy, and sometimes tolerate, girls that can be high maintenance or a bit uppity. You may get calls from parents asking you how their daughters are doing, or requesting that you check on them. Some girls (or their parents) may expect special treatment, and you may sometimes have to serve as a mediator when issues crop up.

You have to be a role model, friend, Nurse, and Teacher to all the girls in the house, just like a mother to her children. One of the perks of the job? You eat your meals with them and have your own apartment, so you have no bills, and get spring, summer, and Christmas vacations!