Solder Deposit Operator

Clean assembled semiconductor packages.

What does a Solder Deposit Operator do?

Cleans assembled semiconductor packages, coats package leads with flux, and applies solder to package leads, using solder dip machine, to complete semiconductor package assembly: Places packages in holding cases and immerses cases in series of acid baths to clean packages. Places packages in holding fixtures and immerses loaded fixtures in flux bath to coat leads of packages. Pushes button to activate solder pumps of solder-dip machine and places loaded fixtures on conveyor of machine that deposits solder on leads of packages to enhance electrical conductivity of leads. Removes fixtures from conveyor, inspects leads of packages for uniform soldering, and removes solder from top of packages, using needle-nose pliers. Places loaded fixtures in baskets and immerses baskets in series of acid and soap baths to clean packages. Removes packages from fixtures, places packages on trays, and positions loaded trays in oven to dry packages. Removes tray from oven and loads packages into lot box and cleans and maintains solder pot of machine. Maintains production records.