Solar Site Assessment Specialist

Determine how new sites for solar farms can best use the sun's energy.

What does a Solar Site Assessment Specialist do?

The use of solar energy is on the rise, and for good reason. It is environmentally friendly, uses the natural resource of sunlight, produces little by-product waste, and saves a ton of money compared to other forms of electricity. But, it takes special knowledge to plan out and install the solar panels, converters, and electrical storage systems required for the job.

That’s where the Solar Site Assessment Specialist comes in. As a Solar Site Assessment Specialist, you evaluate each job site and create a design layout.

In the world of solar power, no two projects are the same. While your standard suburban homeowner might require a single solar panel to suit their needs, a massive government office might need hundreds.

In addition to calculating how many panels the job requires, you also figure out a route for the energy to travel to the storage system. And speaking of storage system, will you need a separate building, a bunker, or a corner of a garage? What equipment is required for optimal performance? Being able to answer questions is what earns you the title of Solar Site Assessment Specialist.

Your site assessment responsibilities may overlap with other positions in the company, such as those of Solar Sales Representative, Solar Energy Installation Manager, or even Solar Photovoltaic Installer.

While understanding the technical side of solar energy is pivotal, you also need customer service and interpersonal skills in order to communicate ideas, explain costs and procedures, and effectively listen to the customer’s wishes.