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Solar Sales Representative

Persuade local homeowners and business that solar power is right for them.

What does a Solar Sales Representative do?

Using solar power is one way that Scientists and Engineers are working to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the expense of other sources of electricity. As a Solar Sales Representative, you work for a company that designs, manufactures, installs, and/or maintains solar systems in homes or businesses.

Your territory might be one large metropolitan area, a few states, or the entire country. It might even extend internationally. Wherever your customers are, though, your job as a Solar Sales Representative is to sell them the benefits of solar power.

That means understanding their needs so that you can answer questions and convince them that solar power will save them money and improve the environment. Who wouldn’t want that?

As a Solar Sales Representative, you understand the sales process, from “cold calling,” or dropping in on potential customers, to closing the sale. Along the way, you build relationships, stuff your Rolodex with as many contacts as you can track down, make phone calls to set up appointments, and alleviate customer concerns. In addition, you’re the main point of contact when a customer has a question or problem with a product.

In order to connect with potential customers, you travel to industry trade shows, set up a booth, answer questions, give presentations, and gather business cards for later contact. You know your stuff, so you’re happy to share your enthusiasm for solar energy as a smart, efficient, clean alternative, and one that benefits not only the environment now, but future generations as well.